Callum and Jo Come and Share Their Knowledge

Continual learning is more than just a buzzword for us – it’s a value that influences our Coast 2 Coast Marketing culture and our operating decisions. We have a thorough training program that supports our team members along every stage of their career journeys, for example, and we also travel to conferences and seminars to learn from industry leaders.

Sometimes we’re lucky enough to have the experts come to us though. Most recently, the Directors of AIP Inc and Masterplan Marketing, Callum and Jo, came to the Coast 2 Coast Marketing office to share their wisdom and knowledge. This was a unique opportunity for our people to learn from the best of the best in the comfort of our own workplace, and network with rising stars in our field. We appreciate Jo and Callum for taking time out of their busy schedules and look forward to putting what we learned to use in our event-based outreach campaigns.

By providing learning experiences to our people on a regular basis, we do more than just keep team members informed. Training also makes it easier for us to stay engaged and excited about our work. The more we know about what it takes to succeed, the brighter our futures look and the more effort we put into our career goals.

Thanks again to Jo and Callum – your knowledge will be put to good use! Like Coast 2 Coast Marketing on Facebook to learn more about our culture of continual learning.

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