Giving From Our Hearts This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and while our thoughts often turn to romance this time of year, we feel like this is a good time to talk about getting involved with causes that we love too. Two of our biggest Coast 2 Coast Marketing goals include getting more involved with philanthropy in 2020, and supporting nonprofits throughout the year that are near and dear to our hearts.

When we make a commitment to these foundations, it’s not just a one-way street. Like all healthy relationships, there is a give and take. For example, when we help sponsor a 5K or a toy drive, we’re also gaining valuable experience in areas we might not know much about, such as long-term planning or administrative tasks. We also meet a lot of business and community leaders when Team Coast 2 Coast Marketing gives back, making these events great networking opportunities too.

Another way that working with philanthropic organizations is a labor of love is that it builds trust. Not only in other people, but also in ideals like “We reap what we sow,” and “Be the good you want to see in the world.” When we act with care, optimism, and commitment, putting in the effort first and trusting that the results will follow, incredible things happen in our own lives, and in the lives of those around us.

So, for Valentine’s Day 2020, we’re giving from our hearts and looking for ways to make a positive change in the lives of those who could use a little love in their lives. Follow Coast 2 Coast Marketing on Instagram to see what causes we support.

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