Highlighting Adam for His Leadership and Training

Each month we like to put one of our high achievers in the spotlight, and this month it’s Adam’s turn to shine. Adam is a training manager, but more importantly Joshua, Coast 2 Coast Marketing’s Owner, considers Adam to be his right-hand man.

In fact, Adam got his start in this industry with Joshua in Orange County. When Joshua moved here to Rancho Cucamonga to open Coast 2 Coast Marketing, Adam came with him. We asked Joshua what impressed him most about Adam, to which our firm’s Owner said, “His leadership skills. Plus, he shows great attention to detail, especially when coaching and training.” He really knows how to bring the best out in others.

There’s more to the story too. Adam is well known around the office for being a fast learner and he’s always looking for ways to improve. His commitment to personal development and self-management is inspiring. He raises the bar high when it comes to performance as well: in July, he set the record for most sales in one week.

Giving Adam the recognition he deserves is more than just the polite thing to do; by publicly acknowledging his contributions and strengths, we’re letting everyone know what success in our firm and industry looks like. Plus, he’s not one to rest on his laurels, so we’re looking forward to bragging about whatever he accomplishes next. To find out more about our team’s superstars, like Coast 2 Coast Marketing on Facebook.

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