Kicking Off the Summer Together

Memorial Day has significant meaning for Team Coast 2 Coast Marketing. It’s a moment for us to pause and remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice on foreign battlefields as they fought for our freedoms. We also take time on this day to enjoy each other’s company with a relaxing team BBQ.

Our Coast 2 Coast Marketing office culture is healthy and strong because we take advantage of times like this holiday to come together and engage in fun activities, like cookouts and some rousing sports. It’s good to be able to laugh as we forge bonds and build memories. We’re also more rejuvenated once we return to our normal work routine. The extra energy fuels us until our next team event.

Of course, one of the reasons these functions are so successful is we follow a few best practices like these:

• Get Buy-In From the Team: We are inclusive in our planning and in the activities we plan. It’s vital that everyone feels comfortable participating, and hopefully is excited about what we have on deck.

• Have a Specific Mission: Our culture is goal-driven, so even if the purpose of our gathering is to unwind and bring people together outside of our workplace, we want to know that we’ve succeeded. Other times, we might look to have more distinct targets, like increasing collaboration through exercises.

• Follow Up: After each event, it’s good to know if the mission is completed. We might ask people what they thought or what we could do next time.

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