Looking for Passionate Professionals to Join Our Team

Coast 2 Coast Marketing is growing, which means we are always keeping our eyes open for people who we feel would be positive additions to our team. When it comes to new hires, we appreciate finding those with a solid work history or even industry experience. More importantly, we want to hire brand advocates who are excited about creating change and learning the skills that support growth.

“We have the ability to provide the experience and training to a new recruit, but we are unable to cultivate passion in an individual who doesn’t already possess it to some degree,” stated Josh, Coast 2 Coast Marketing’s President. Associates who are driven to learn are more likely to excel than those who believe they already know everything worth knowing. We think of our ideal hires as having an explorer’s mind-set – they’re the ones who use their creativity and thirst for knowledge as fuel for their career journeys.

Our thorough training program relies on one-to-one coaching, workshops, seminars, and even trips that take us to meet with industry leaders and learn from them. We do more than just share information; we immerse our team members in it, while providing the hands-on knowhow that puts theory into practice.

If you have the drive to achieve great things, while creating impact within your community, then we might be exactly the career you’re seeking. Like Coast 2 Coast Marketing on Facebook to find out more about joining our team.

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