Networking and Goal Setting Set Us Up for Success

We’re all about applauding past successes, but we also know to keep looking ahead for our next chances to learn, grow, and advance our careers. This is one of the many reasons we make networking a pillar of our Coast 2 Coast Marketing training program. In fact, we recently had a successful meeting with other business leaders that has us motivated for big things to come in the future.

By connecting with other high achievers in our industry, we expand our reach while creating awareness of both us and Coast 2 Coast Marketing. We hear about growth and development opportunities first, we know what techniques are working in other markets, and – perhaps best of all – we have a pool of knowledge to tap into that far exceeds any we could attain on our own. Building a network puts us at the center of a web of influence that is far more powerful than we could ever be alone.

Along with contacting and communication skills, we also discuss proper goal-setting techniques. For example, by using the acronym SMART, we remind our team members to set Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-sensitive targets. These are much more likely to be realized, creating individual and organizational momentum that carries everyone to success.

Networking and goal setting are just two of the leadership skills we share with everyone on our team. Follow Coast 2 Coast Marketing on Twitter to find out more.

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