Ringing in the Season With Our Amazing Team

We’re lucky to have the best team in California here at Coast 2 Coast Marketing. This fact becomes a little clearer with every passing year, and it’s especially obvious during the holiday season. We come together away from our work roles to celebrate everything from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Eve. In the process, we create stronger morale and fresh inspiration to achieve major goals in the future.

This year, we happen to be opening a whole new decade with some pretty challenging growth objectives. We want to get the 2020s off to the best possible start. With this in mind, we took time over the holidays to reflect on everything we achieved in 2019. We exceeded so many of our goals for the past year, creating real momentum and expanding our influence. There’s never been a better time to be part of our family.

You can be sure that we’ll have plenty of Coast 2 Coast Marketing team outings in 2020 as well. We’ll hit major industry events of all kinds, including networking conferences that get us up close and personal with the top minds in our business. There will also be cross-training trips to other offices and more casual team dinners. We’ll be an even more unified group by this time next year.

We’re looking forward to the 2020 holiday season already. Keep up with all our projects until then by following Coast 2 Coast Marketing on Instagram.

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