Standout Team Members Set the Standard

As we look to build up Team Coast 2 Coast Marketing, we’re fortunate to have some great role models in our office. Joshua, our firm’s President, explained that Feras, Adam, and Raul serve as examples for what hiring managers are currently seeking. To achieve our ambitious expansion goals for 2019, we know we need to find top performers who possess the same attributes of our outstanding associates.

Feras and Adam recently won the Pioneering Award for going above and beyond their normal duties. They stepped out of their comfort zones and dominated a new territory. Joshua added that Feras and Adam achieved this remarkable success by doing research and taking calculated risks. These will be key abilities for potential additions to our team, because they lead to breakthrough achievements.

Raul won the Rising Star Award for his unmatched success. He has stood out from his colleagues for his accomplishments in management. Raul has a thirst for success and is committed to learning new things every day. These essential qualities make him an ideal example for new Coast 2 Coast Marketing hires to follow.

Candidates who are willing to push beyond their current skill sets to tackle new challenges will feel right at home in our workspace. Anyone interested in coming aboard should apply through our website. To keep up with our hiring efforts and ongoing growth, be sure to like Coast 2 Coast Marketing on Facebook.

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