The Holiday Season Takes Center Stage

We’ve been planning our holiday season celebrations for quite some time, so we’re excited that they’re finally upon us. This is always a great time of year around the Coast 2 Coast Marketing office as we reflect on all that we’ve achieved and look ahead to another successful year. As we head into 2020 with major growth plans in mind, we’re taking time to laugh with our colleagues and look back on what made 2019 such a banner year.

Growth was one of the biggest themes of the year for Coast 2 Coast Marketing. Not only did we amplify the voice of some great change innovators, we also saw several of our top performers reach the next levels in their careers. Joshua Connor, our firm’s Owner, added that we expect many more promotions in 2020 as we continue pushing past our company growth goals.

Our commitment to putting specific benchmarks in place is what keeps us on the move. We don’t just put vague hopes in the air; we home in on exactly what we want to achieve so we can focus our efforts in the most productive ways. When it comes to 2020, we’re using the same clear-headed strategy to open new markets and build up our team.

We’re going to use our holiday positivity to launch into a bigger and better 2020. To follow our progress, like Coast 2 Coast Marketing on Facebook.

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