Through Growth and Leadership We Realize Success

Growth is one of our Coast 2 Coast Marketing company values, and we have lots to celebrate in this area. We’ve had many promotions recently, and now have five senior leaders in our office, including Joshua Connor, the firm’s Owner. By focusing on giving our people all the resources and support they need to realize their full potential, we ensure that success and opportunity abound for our team.

We know words like leader and leadership get tossed around a bit, so we wanted to talk about some of the traits that make Coast 2 Coast Marketing frontrunners special. For example:

• Invite Communication: Our leaders WANT feedback! We know that’s not the way things work everywhere else, so we’re very proud of this fact. From day one, people have a voice here.

• Model the Right Behavior: We count on our managers to set the right example and light the way when it comes to such ideals as integrity, work ethic, and executive presence. With their guidance, we improve in these areas daily.

• Seek Guidance: It’s one thing for a person to ask for advice when he or she is first starting out in their careers, but mentorship is something everyone here values. From new hires to Joshua, we all have someone we turn to for support and insight.

With our frontrunners, we know we’re being led down the right path. Follow Coast 2 Coast Marketing on Facebook to learn more about our executive team.

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