We’re Emphasizing Giving This November

Supporting good causes as a team is something we do year-round as members of Team Coast 2 Coast Marketing, but November is an especially important time to do so. With Thanksgiving around the corner, we’re sure to put gratitude front and center around our office. For us, this means sharing our success with people who aren’t as fortunate. Whether it’s working in a soup kitchen, organizing a food drive, or some other charitable effort, we’re excited to make a difference this month.

Getting involved in the community has given a boost to our networking efforts. Every time we come together for a good cause, we meet people from our area and beyond who share our passion for social impact. The new connections we make are often talented business leaders who offer intriguing partnership possibilities for Coast 2 Coast Marketing as well. So not only do we gain a rewarding feeling from our giveback events, we also make valuable additions to our contact lists.

Giving back also happens to be great for team building. We come to know each other a little better every time we combine our talents for a worthy cause. Beyond that, we also get a boost of gratitude for all the good things that come with working for a company that truly cares.

We’re excited to take our social impact efforts up a notch this month. To follow all our giveback events, like Coast 2 Coast Marketing on Facebook.

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